BOO Productions
Landmark giver - a well known thing, but with a twist
BOO Greeter Doormat V3 & Enterprise Edition - possibly the most advanced yet easy to use greeter/visitor system in SL

Welcome to BOO Productions

Aiming to create quality products that make your experience better on SecondLife.

The product line consists of buildings, furniture, shop accessories and much more. Currently the most popular items are the BOO Greeter Doormat, the Guest book, the Namcha cieling lamp and the Valeriya switchable standing lamps. More and even better products are coming, like the new version of the BOO Greeter Doormat which will be alot easier to set up - and will be able to keep more visitor names than the earlier versions.

Newest product

BOO Group Join script 3pcs
An easy way to let people join your group. No more searching etc. just a touch on an object with this script, and they're all set. Need one one? A 1 piece box is available.

The main function of this web site is to provide owners of BOO Production items a way to keep an eye on things, get even more statistics and even easier setup of the products were this would be appropriate. Look for the Login link to the left of the screen.

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